Why Give: Our Case for Support

A little boy rejected by his school, afraid, belittled and lonely. What do we do? When a mom is frustrated, ignored, betrayed and afraid for her son, where does she turn? What price do we put on human dignity, education or friendship? Children with disabilities and their loving families face these questions every day. A sense of belonging, dignity, education and freedom are priceless. It is our birthright as Americans. No child left behind. Shall it be rhetoric or reality? We walk beside families on this journey every day. These children belong. They are loved. They are not alone. When you make a gift to The Council on Developmental Disabilities, you bring hope, vision and voice to these children. You provide a lifetime of service to our families. For free. Forever.

Jonathan's Journey

Meet Jonathan, an amazing little boy with a big heart and incredible disabilities. He is legally blind, nonverbal, and cognitively and developmentally delayed. His journey became even more difficult after being wrongfully rejected from the school where he excelled and formed wonderful friendships. The Council has given his family the confidence and strategic plan to fight for the appropriate education Jonathan so deserves.

"They continue to support us with strategies, ideas, planning and implementing the plans for advocating the rights of our son Jonathan. We could not have done these things without the support of the Council. They are irreplaceable." - Julie, Jonathan's mother

Cole's Story

Our son, Cole, is an incredible kid who was born with CHARGE Syndrome. Unfortunately, Cole’s recent school experience negatively impacted Cole as well as our entire family. Thankfully, we were put in touch with the Council, who gave our family strength, courage, support and hope for Cole. The compassion, love and understanding that The Council has shown to us is beyond incredible. They gave our family the direction and guidance that we needed to get our spirited and fun-loving son back. We will be forever grateful.