Project SAFE

The Council on Developmental Disabilities is an active member of PROJECT SAFE, a multidisciplinary collaboration advocating to end abuse and violence against individuals with disabilities. Since 2005, Project SAFE members have worked to raise awareness, improve accessibility, and train service providers and criminal justice professionals about sexual assault and domestic violence committed against individuals with disabilities. The Council and other participating Project SAFE agencies regularly host training workshops to educate service providers and agencies about how they can better serve people with disabilities.

Project SAFE aims to:

  • Increase knowledge regarding domestic and sexual violence against individuals with disabilities
  • Build bridges among service providers who assist victims and those who provide disability-related services

Project SAFE members can provide training & resource referrals throughout Kentucky regarding disability-related issues pertaining to:

  • Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • Intervention & Prevention
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
  • Safety Planning
  • Collaboration Building

Click here to learn more about why Project Safe is needed.

We hope you will join us in this important work! To learn how you or your agency can become involved in Project SAFE, call 502.999.3719 or 502.584.1239.