Our People

Robert Napolilli, CEO

Bob was previously employed at Seven Counties Services, Inc. where his last position was Unit Manager of the Crisis Prevention and Response Program.  He was instrumental in developing the initial infrastructure for the Kentucky state grant funded program which provided an array of services for individuals with intellectual/ developmental disabilities experiencing psychiatric or behavioral crises. After retiring from Seven Counties Services, Bob returned to work at the Lee Specialty Clinic, an integrated healthcare clinic in Louisville, where he served in a similar capacity as the Director of Crisis Services. 

Bob has served in a volunteer capacity at several local non-profit agencies including the Home of the Innocents as the Chairman of the Family Support group and the Mattingly Center as a board member.  He also previously served as board member for The Council on Developmental Disabilities. 

In the arena of governmental advocacy, Bob was the Chairperson for the Region Six Supported Living Council.  He is presently the Co-Chair of the Governor's Commission on Supports for Individuals with I/DD (Intellectual /Developmental Disabilities) (HB 144) Health and Wellness Committee and is a parent representative on the full HB 144 Commission. 

Bob has stated that he derives his inspiration and passion from his son, Robby who is intellectually/developmentally disabled and who is a constant source of joy.  He is also inspired by his wife, Karen who, in addition to being a compassionate, caring wife and mother, is also a tireless advocate. 

Bob is looking forward to serving individuals, families, guardians, caregivers, agencies and all of the important stakeholders associated with The Council on Developmental Disabilities, as together we continue to build one of the most important non-profit organizations in Louisville. 

Contact Bob at bnapolilli@councilondd.org

 Susan Miller, Family Advocate

Susan is a passionate and tireless advocate for individuals with developmental disabilites and their families.  She has over fourteen years of professional experience working in this field, as a First Steps Service Coordinator in Indiana and Kentucky, a Family Support Service Coordinator at Seven Counties Services, and as a Family Advocate with The Council on Developmental Disabilities.

During college and after, Susan worked in the legal field and has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the University of Louisville. When her daughter, Angelina was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in 2005, Susan changed the course of her career and life to help those with disabilities. At The Council, Susan assists individuals with disabilities to access recources and tools to help them live their best lives.  Susan is an expert at providing meaningful guidance on a wide variety of critical topics to individuals with developmental disabilities, their friends, family and caregivers. 

Contact Susan at susanm@councilondd.org

Shawna Dellecave, Outreach Consultant

Shawna has worked in the area of family support and education for individuals with disabilities for over twenty years. She is from Northern Kentucky and began her career as a preschool teacher in an inclusive classroom. She was a KY First Steps Service Coordinator for nine years. She also has experience as a residential assistant for adults with disabilities as well as a therapeutic camp counselor. She is a professional art therapist with extensive case management experience.

Shawna earned a Master’s of Expressive Therapy from the University of Louisville and a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Northern Kentucky University. Shawna has an associate license as a professional art therapist in Kentucky. She is a registered yoga teacher. Her professional training has given much knowledge and experience to navigating the vast array or resources and supports individuals with disability and their families need. Shawna is also a musician and performing artist.

Shawna is dedicated to fostering supportive communities for individuals with disabilities as well as support for parents, siblings, and professional caregivers. This dedication is derived from her close relationship with her younger sister who has intellectual and developmental disabilities.  As an art therapist, Shawna knows the value of art to speak what words cannot. She uses art, music, and movement as media to create relationships, develop positive self-image, and to develop expressive skills. Shawna creates group atmospheres that are welcoming and non-judgmental so participants can experience connection, personal growth and development.

Contact Shawna at shawna@councilondd.org

Our Board of Trustees

Dr. Henry Hood, President
Adonna Wickliffe, President-Elect
Ruth Trout, Treasurer
Missy Kinnaird, Secretary
Dr. Matthew Holder, Immediate Past President
Ryan Keith
Kimberly Thompson
Bill Kenealy
Brandon Franklin
Robert Napolilli, Chief Exceutive Officer


Our Community Collaborators

Dr. Toetta R. Taul, L.E.A.D. Training Director

A native of Richmond, Ky., Dr. Taul holds a bachelor of arts in social studies education from Kentucky State University as well as graduate degrees from Spalding University, including a Master of Arts in Teaching: Learning and Behavior Disorders, a Master of Arts in Education, and a Doctor of Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership.

Dr. Taul directs the Council’s Leadership Education & Advocacy Development training program, which helps train and empower parents to advocate and communicate effectively about their children’s educational needs. She also is employed by the Jefferson County Public School system, where she has worked since 2002. Currently, Dr. Taul is the Freshman Academy Principal at Iroquois High School.  She is active in the district as a trainer and facilitator and is a Classroom Management Trainer for the Jefferson County Teacher Association (JCTA). Additionally, Dr. Taul teaches culturally responsive teaching and classroommanagement/leadership for the JCPS Alternative Certification Elementary and Secondary (ACES) Program.

Dr. Taul’s life’s passion has been working with students with disabilities, as well as underprivileged and less-advantaged youth. She has mentored several teachers new to the profession and works with parents to involve them in their student’s academic success.

U of L Digital-Media Team

The Council has been fortunate to have an ongoing partnership with doctoral students in the Rhetoric and Composition program at U of L since 2014.

These students bring a wealth of digital-media experience to the project, with special talents in audio/video editing, storytelling and community engagement. Members of the current team have been instrumental in documenting our arts advocacy efforts through the NAMWM project. They collaborate with us to photograph and videotape workshops and also provide hands-on assistance to workshop participants. The team is creating short videos to tell the story of the project and our artists. Additionally, the U of L team is offering workshops and one-on-one mentoring in the digital-media arts to individuals with disabilities who are interested in learning about photography and video creation. We hope this instruction will help our participants gain confidence in using digital tools to tell their own stories.