Governmental Affairs and Public Policy

Through the years, The Council on Developmental Disabilities has responded to gaps in services for people with disabilities wherever they are found. Our public policy efforts have led to changes in laws, services and expectations that have reshaped the culture and landscape for all Kentuckians with developmental disabilities. We actively monitor public policies, legislation and regulations that impact our constituents and their families. We negotiate with Executive Branch officials and communicate with legislators, seeking to amend and propose policies and legislation to best serve the interests of the people we serve.

Here is a list of committees that Council staff actively participate on and/with to promote effective policy change: 

The Kentucky Commission on Services and Supports for Individuals with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities (HB 144 Commission)  Robert Napolilli, The Council CEO, is a member of this commission as a parent advocate and is chair of the Health and Wellness Sub-Committee.  Recent topics discussed by the Health & Wellness Sub-Committee include: The culture and science of polypharmacy, Health disparities in patients with neurodevelopmental disabilities, updates regarding treament of Epilepsy, Health care disparities in dental patients with intellectual disabilities. 

The Kentucky General Assembly's Special Committee:Exception Supports Waiver Services Task Force The overarching goal of this group is to address high-intensity needs that waiver participants may require.

Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesTechnical Advisory Committee (IDD TAC) This group is under the the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and serves to advise the KY Deptmartment of Medicaid Services. 

The Commission for Persons with Disabilities (Louisville Metro) This is a newly formed commission in 2019 and was formerly known as Mayor Fisher's ADA Roundtable. 

You can be a great advocate too! Share your story with elected officials: 

Elected officials can't know everything.  It's vitally important for citizens to inform legislators on the impact that their decisions have on day-to-day life.  The Council highly encouarges individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to connect with elected officials to share stories, express needs, and request support.  This connection can be made in a number of different ways- in person, through letters, emails and phone calls. 

The first steps is to know who your elected officials are and the Find Your Legislator website makes it easy.  If you would like assistance reaching out to your elected officical, please contact us for support.