Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve children or adults?

The Council on Developmental Disabilities serves all people with developmental or intellectual disabilities. From prenatal diagnosis, at birth and until the end of life.

Do you provide Medicaid or other medical, therapeutic services?

We are not a Medicaid provider. We do help families learn about eligibility for such services. We also advocate for increased funding for said services.

Is there a fee for your services or trainings?

We do not charge fees to families or people with DD-ID. Companies that utilize our trainings or curricula may be required to contract for services.

Can you send staff to join me for an IEP, ARC or other school meetings?

We generally offer information and guidance to parents. We also offer comprehensive training to parents and educators to help them navigate the special education system. Because of limited staff resources, we must use discretion (on a case by case basis) when electing to participate in school-based meetings.

Do you operate residential, day programs or employment services?

We do not. We are an advocacy organization for individuals with developmental disabilities and can help families learn how to navigate and become eligible for programs.

I have questions about guardianship? Where do I start?

Many parents are faced with challenges and questions related to guardianship and next steps as their children become adults. We provide training and information to help you with guardianship matters at any stage. Our Family Outreach Director provides many hours of individual support and short-term crisis intervention in the areas of guardianship and financial planning.