Training Series & Workshops

The Council trains families who have loved ones with disabilities to know and exercise their rights. Our training workshops cover a broad spectrum of needs, e.g., guardianship, legal rights, Medicaid waiver eligibility, leadership development, financial empowerment and planning, and prevention of abuse and neglect. Workshops are held at various times throughout the year. Call 502.999.3719 or 502.584.1239 to learn more.

Online Tutorials:

Guardianship & Conservatorship in Kentucky
This free online tutorial covers all the steps required for Guardianship in Jefferson County, Kentucky. This video was made possible by a grant from the Louisville Bar Foundation.

Upcoming workshops:

Funding for Assistive Technology: Considering your options with Jimmy Brown, AT/IT Coordinator with the KATS Network
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 from 10am-11:30 at the McDowell Center (8412 Westport Rd)

Ceramic Art Workshop with Candy Wheat
November 11th and December 1st from 10am-11:30 at the Trinity Center for Faith and Art

ABA 101 for Caregivers with Brandon Franklin and Laura Ferguson
Date to be announced

L.E.A.D. Training with Dr. Taul
December 1st from 10am-2:30pm at Moore High School
Lunch break from 12pm-12:30pm
Optional 1/2 hour informal Q&A afterward

Guardianship Training
February 12th, 2019 with S. Coy Travis, location TBD

Guardianship Training

This training provides an overview of what it means to be a guardian or conservator, the legal process for seeking appointment and the responsibilities of guardianship.

Wills & Trusts

An educational session explaining how to plan for the future of a child with a disability without hurting his/her eligibility for government benefits and programs.

Financial Planning

Training to empower families to address the complexities of special needs planning - legal & financial planning, government benefits coordination and tax strategies - to ensure the future care and financial well-being of a loved one.

Michelle P Waiver Training

The Michelle P Waiver (MPW) is a home- and community-based waiver program developed as an alternative to institutional care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. MPW allows individuals to remain in their homes with services and supports. This training guides families through the process of seeking this Medicaid waiver.

LEAD Parent Training (Leadership Education & Advocacy Development):

LEAD Parent is an intensive leadership development program for parents, advocates or anyone who has an interest in serving people with disabilities and their families. LEAD provides instruction in special education law and advocacy techniques and is especially helpful for families with school-age children. Learn about LEAD