Our vision is a society that includes, values and empowers individuals with developmental disabilities.   
Please contact us here or by phone- 502-584-1239


Direct Family Support
We are experts at providing genuine, one-to-one assistance when an individual and/or family is in need of guidance to understand their options to access community services and supports. 


Arts Outreach
The Council’s offers artistic experiences as a way to develop self expression, self advocacy skills and community connections.  We offer art making workshops as well as opportunities to experience live performances. 


Legal Decision Making Tools (Guardianship and more)
Understanding the legal decision making tools and  options available to individuals with developmental disabilities is essential to our mission of supporting inclusive communities.  Contact us to learn more about Supported Decision Making Models, Power of Attorney (POA) Documents and Legal Guardianship/Conservatorship.


Educational Support
Our educational support can help parents navigate public school systems to obtain the most appropriate educational services for their child.  We also collaborate with local school districts to improve the quality of education programs for children.


Resource Events/ Social Events
The Council hosts two annual resource and social events: The Picnic in the Park (June/July) and The Family Fun Festival (Oct/Nov).  These are great opportunities for our community to gather, share and celebrate.


Financial Empowerment
The Council helps individuals and families to know about specific financial tools available for future planning as well as resources for today’s needs.  We can offer individuals consultation to help guide families to the strategies they need for peace of mind.


Group Training Series
We offer group training opportunities throughout the year on topics specific to our community’s needs.  Our established trainings include: The Role of the Legal Guardian, Financial Planning for Individuals with Special Considerations, and our L.E.A.D. Training (Leadership, Education and Advocacy Development).




Governmental Affairs and Public Policy Advocacy
Since 1952, The Council has identified gaps in services for people with disabilities.  We actively participate with policy makers to advocate for the needs and interests of the people we serve.