Educational Advocacy

Education Committee

Since its founding in 1952, The Council has advocated for quality educational opportunities for our children. A little more than 50 years ago, our local school systems excluded all students with moderate and severe disabilities. Today, by federal and state law, all children have the right to go to school, to receive a quality education, and to be served in the least restricted environment.

The Council understands that this would not have happened without the dedication, hard work and tenacity of parents determined to move school systems forward in a positive and more inclusive direction. As parents, and as an organization, our work is not done. Although many of our children with special needs receive quality educational services, this is not true for all of our children. This is NOT acceptable. All children have the right to develop and learn in the best way possible, so that they may, in turn, share their gifts and strengths with the community. Parents have always made the difference for their children.

Educational advocacy training

We provide parents with training and advocacy support to help them acquire the appropriate services for their children enrolled in the public school system. LEAD – the Leadership Education & Advocacy Development training program – provides instruction to parents, educators, service providers and advocates in special education law, the IEP process, communication and advocacy techniques to set the stage for educational success. Learn about LEAD