Arts/Weber Gallery

Photo by Tom LeGoff - Copyright 2016

A program of The Council on Developmental Disabilities, Weber Gallery advances the mission of The Council on Developmental Disabilities by creating a program that includes and empowers individuals with disabilities in the community of artistic expression. The gallery has been bringing together professional artists and individuals with disabilities since opening in 2009.

Today, Weber Gallery's primary focus is on outreach through arts programming that engages our constituents to create, explore and share their distinct perspectives. We believe that art can give voice to the unique experiences of individuals and that it can be a powerful tool for both personal transformation and public advocacy.

In 2014-2015, Weber Gallery embarked on a community art project titled "Art as Memory," a visual art and digital storytelling project that gave voice to the unique stories of individuals with disabilities in our community. The Gallery partnered with local professional artists working in a variety of media, hosting workshops that allowed our constituents to explore the themes of memory, identity and self. A team of U of L doctoral students documented the yearlong project, resulting in a film that was screened on the U of L campus in fall 2015.

Currently, Weber Gallery is working on a new arts-engagement project titled "Nothing About Me Without Me." Professional artists working in a variety of media (sculpture, photography, digital media, collage, drawing, performing arts, etc.) will lead workshops that provide participants with disabilities - both children and adults - with the skills and tools to explore and share their personal stories through the creation of art. Workshops will start in fall 2016 and continue into spring 2017. The project will culminate with multimedia works produced by a team of U of L students. The title of the project, "Nothing About Me Without Me," has its roots in the disability rights movement.